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Bluetooth Speaker Category History Jun 16, 2016

Ordinary monocular mini Bluetooth speaker: Bluetooth speakers infancy simple monocular in this most prosperous Bluetooth speaker. Due to the structure of the process is simple, without special technical support, attracting a large number of manufacturers, due to the cheap popular Bluetooth speaker new to the crowd like a speaker this time the market are numerous. For people to understand and be familiar with Bluetooth Speaker has achieved no small credit. But because of its sound chamber cavity is too small, serious product homogeneity, lower prices and other constraints of their own conditions, it is difficult to have a breakthrough on the speaker sound quality, battery life is short, mostly between 2 to 3 hours, cause this great speakers use limitations, most can only be used in a fixed place. Its use of the crowd most of the sound quality is not required, and thus affordable generic monocular Bluetooth speaker makes it easy for the public to buy.